The Sunglasses Hall of Fame: Sunglasses and Advil

A few months ago I began curating the first ever Sunglasses Hall of Fame. The Sunglasses Hall of Fame will honor those who have shown a steadfast appreciation for sunglasses, have pushed sunglass culture further and have influenced the current sunglass  landscape.   

Tom Cruise was the inaugural member to the Sunglasses Hall of Fame.  Today, he will welcome a second member.

Mr. Kanye Omari West.

In the 21st century no man has put his stamp on Sunglass culture more than Kanye West.  Whether it’s single-handedly bringing back shutter shades (picture below) or unabashedly wearing sunglasses inside, at night or anytime he pleases, he continues to drip swagu.

Classic Kanye Sunglass Moments include:

Gold Digger
808s and Heartbreaks
2007 VMAs

G.O.O.D. Music Cypher
2008 Grammy’s
Vman Cover
All of the Lights

Congratulations to Kanye West on joining The Sunglasses Hall of Fame.

The Sunglasses Hall of Fame: Inaugural Induction

Due to my infatuation with sunglasses, I have curated The Sunglasses Hall of Fame.  The Sunglasses Hall of Fame will honor those who have shown a steadfast appreciation for sunglasses, have pushed sunglass culture further and have influenced the current sunglass  landscape.

I, alone, will act as The Sunglasses Hall of Fame selection committee.

Now without further ado, the first ever member of The Sunglasses Hall of Fame is…

Mr. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.

Tom Cruise is inducted for his uncompromising dedication to the sunglass tradition.  As well as his remarkable dexterity in sunglass fashion.  Whether it’s classic Wayfarer (pictured above), bad-ass aviators (pictured below) or anything in between, Tom Cruise has always rocked sunglasses like a bawse.

Classic Tom Cruise Sunglass Moments include:

Risky Business
Rain Man
Top Gun
Knight and Day
Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Jerry Maguire
Tropic Thunder

Congratulations to Tom Cruise, the inaugural member of The Sunglasses Hall of Fame.

Spring Wish List

Spring has arrived and with it my Spring Wish List.

Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses (black)

Simple and clean, exactly what I love.  Stylish when Tom Cruised donned them in Risky Business and still stylish now, simply timeless.


Bape Giza Ape Crew Neck (gray)

I have made my affinity for crew neck sweatshirts known on this blog before, and Bape kills it.  Minimalistic and comfortable, all gray featuring a small Bape insignia on the breast.


Amongst Friends Varsity Baseball Jacket (navy)

I’ve been hunting for a varsity jacket for a while now.  I love the way the navy plays off the brown and most of all its restraint; it doesn’t plaster a pretentious logo across the chest or back.


The Hundreds Johnson Low Suede Leather (navy)

Staying with the navy and brown motif, The Hundreds boasts some of my favorite sneakers.  Plus the suede leather exterior gives it a nice textured look.


Nixon The Corporal (black/ gunmetal)

Black on black can go with anything, add the canvas strap to give it some originality and I would rock this watch anytime.  A lot of guys like big, gaudy watches, not me.


Hanes Tagless Pocket T-Shirt

You know I couldn’t go a whole post leaving out my adored pocket tees.  Hanes offers up a bunch of color options and at ten bucks a pop you can’t go wrong.


My Fashion Won’ts

These are not fashion ‘don’ts’ because I actually like them.  Instead they’re my fashion ‘won’ts’ because for one reason or another I cannot bring myself to wear them.

Camo Anything

Every summer the heat rises, the ice cream man emerges and I find myself looking at a pair of camo shorts.  I never buy them, just look, sometimes I even try them on, but never buy.  I like the look when I see them on other people, but something inside me won’t let me purchase them, a voice saying “too cliché.”

Any Sunglasses from Casino


For me Casino functions as hardcore sunglasses porn, everything is big, it’s in your face and it gets you thinking “hey, I could pull that off.”  It warps your mind.  They say never go food shopping on an empty stomach; well I say never go sunglasses shopping after watching Casino.


I think my aversion to backpacks goes back to my school days.  I ditched my backpack in middle school as a statement, “no more backpacks or packed lunches, that’s kid stuff.”  Truth be told there are a lot of times a backpack would come in quite handy but I have a mental block about it, worse comes to worst I slink on a drawstring bag.

Red Pants

Red pants or really any color pants for that matter.  I get tired of straight jeans, grey, black and blue.  Sometimes, I’ll even mix in the occasional khaki.  I like when I see a guy with different color pants on, but sadly I don’t have the balls to pull that off.


The hipster trademark (along with Buddy Holly glasses and Mr. Rogers cardigans).  Hey, my head gets cold too, but I cannot bring myself to dip into the hipster depths of beanies, next thing you know I’ll be drinking PBRs and getting ironic tattoos.


UPDATE 5/20/2012: About a week ago I caved, and bought a pair of camo shorts.