Anyone Can Host

SNL hostWhile watching an old Saturday Night Live episode from 1977 today, I saw this.  Apparently they had a contest during season 3 of SNL where they choose one random person to host.  All you had to do was send this address a postcard with a 25 words or less essay on why you would like to host.  Miskel Spillman won.

I know I’m 36 years late, but I’m sending my entry in tomorrow.  I’m 80% sure that Lorne Michaels will be charmed by it and I’ll have a hosting gig by the end of March.

It will happen.

The Hottest Club Is…

What happens when sneak out of the office for a “lunch break,” but instead go to a “holiday party” at a club in the Meatpacking District, that’s serving free vodka and is DJed by Questlove?

You got what can only be described as to a Stefon-esque club experience.

The bouncer is a mean Hispanic midget with a faux-hawk.  Once you get inside, the club is filled with, James Carville look-a-likes, blipsters (black hipsters), seven foot tall Geishas, an old homeless man, a guy with a Confucius beard wearing a top hat, and Dracy Gray Queens (Drag Queens dressed as Macy Gray).

I wish I could make this up.

Lazy Sunday

With Labor Day barbecues next weekend and fantasy football starting the week after that, today will be my last Lazy Sunday for the foreseeable future.

click image for video

I’m spending this Sunday sleeping till one, snacking on do-si-dos and listening to my first ever album…Backstreet Boys.  Brian, Nick, Howie, Kevin and A.J.


My Three Favorite Canadians

Listen, I’m a loyal U.S.A. patriot, but it dawned on me today that my favorite actor, my favorite comedian and one of my favorite singers, all hail from our neighbors up north, Canada.

Ryan Gosling (London, Ontario)

His dexterity as an actor is unmatched.  He can do this or this, and anything in between.  He owns movie star good looks, but doesn’t cede to Hollywood.  He chooses interesting and unconventional roles, which make him one the more exciting actors to watch.  Plus, he’s young enough (31) for me to consider him in my generation of actors (born in the 80s).  Oh and he does awesome things I wish I could do.

Norm MacDonald (Quebec City, Quebec)

If you stroll through my blog, my adulation for Norm will come as no surprise.  His unequivocal delivery and “fuck the audience” sensibilities make him so refreshingly unique.  He’s a must watch late night guest combining quick wit with his propensity to say anything.  And it seems like everyone has their own hilarious Norm stories.

Justin Bieber Drake (Toronto, Ontario)

I’m not going to go into this one much since I have something special lined up for him next week.  I’ll just say he’s about my age (two years older), makes music I can relate to, and boasts a pretty impressive resume.

So thank you Canada for some of my favorite entertainers.  It is greatly appreciated.