Jeter Goes Down

Last night sucked.

This happened.

Considering this guy gets up from everything.

It didn’t look good when he didn’t.  Which immediately gave me horrible flashbacks to this.

It’s hard to describe exactly how I felt, but I think this is the closest approximation.

Me = Lance Harbor’s Dad + Jon Voight + Ali Larter + Billy Bob | Derek Jeter = Lance Harbor


As a mustache enthusiast, today was a very sad day.  We lost an all-time great today when Keith Hernandez decided to shave his mustache.

Whether he was winning an MVP in St. Louis.

Smoking cigs in the Met’s dugout.

Winning 11 Gold Gloves at first base.

Doing copious amounts of cocaine in the mid ’80s.

 (picture not found)

Frenching Elaine on Seinfeld.

Sleeping on the job.

Or just commenting on how women don’t belong in MLB dugouts.

(video expunged from YouTube)

The ‘stache has always been there.  Alas no longer.

You will be missed.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Went to my first Yankee Game of the season tonight (they lost 5-0), here are the three keys to enjoying a game at the New Yankee Stadium.

Cheesesteak (with onions and whiz), peanuts, and a large beer (Budweiser).  I know a hot dog is more sport and city appropriate (and I do love hot dogs), but the cheesesteak holds a special place in my heart.  Sit back and watch the game while sipping on a cold beer, snacking on peanuts and devouring a cheesesteak.  It all comes together so perfectly. I can only say, few things in life are this simple, yet this enjoyable.