Anyone Can Host

SNL hostWhile watching an old Saturday Night Live episode from 1977 today, I saw this.  Apparently they had a contest during season 3 of SNL where they choose one random person to host.  All you had to do was send this address a postcard with a 25 words or less essay on why you would like to host.  Miskel Spillman won.

I know I’m 36 years late, but I’m sending my entry in tomorrow.  I’m 80% sure that Lorne Michaels will be charmed by it and I’ll have a hosting gig by the end of March.

It will happen.

Super Bowl XLVII: All You Need to Know

Every single thing I know about Baltimore, as a city, is based on The Wire.  Nearly everything I know about San Francisco is based on Full House.  Both are all time great shows.  Each series remarkably captures everything I stereotypically believe about each respective city.  Basically it boils down to this, Baltimore is scary, San Francisco is soft.

Baltimore plays San Francisco on the Super Bowl this year.

Ray Lewis is Omar Little.  Colin Kaepernick is Danny Tanner.

And fun fact, Joey Gladstone is actually half brothers with Jimmy McNulty and I’m not making that up, it was explained briefly in on of the deleted scenes of season three.

full wireWho ya got?


I Meant Something Like That

Sometimes I come on this blog to air out my teenage girl tendencies.  This is one of those times.  While watching New Girl tonight (done calling it a guilty pleasure, now calling it my favorite show on TV) I made an audible “Ooo” sound sitting alone in my room at the T.V.  (SPOILER ALERT)

It Happened.



P.S.  I’m such a loser.