Game Changer

guns n rosesThe Governors Ball finally announced their third headliner.  And after reading rumors it was going to be someone/thing called The Crystal Method (?).  I didn’t get my hopes up.  Then today the news came.

Third headliner.  Guns N’ Roses!!!!!!!

Now, I know it’s not the “real” Gun n’ Roses.  There’s no Slash.  No Izzy.  No Duff.  No Steven Adler.  I know it’s basically an entire new band fronted my a facially reconstructed Axl.

I also know there is a good chance he won’t even bother showing up (he does that sometimes).  And, I know, if he does show up, there’s an even better chance he’ll be two hours late (he does that sometimes too).  But, I hold out hope.

See in my pre-high school years I listened to two albums incessantly.  Green Day’s Dookie.  And Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction.  

While in Middle School, I took out Appetite from the library.  I burned it.  I listened to it.  I repeated.   It stayed in my discman for the next three years.  It’s an amazing album, I don’t care what any Brooklyn hipster says.  Any album that features, Welcome to the JungleIt’s So EasyNightrain, Mr. Brownstown, Paradise City, My Michelle, and Sweet Child O’ Mine is too good and if you can’t appreciate it that’s your problem.

Don’t believe me?  Listen to this and try to not rock your face off.


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