Cuba’s Moment

I stayed up till three in the morning last night watching old Oscar acceptance speeches on YouTube.  All them from the historic to the adorable to the sexual harassmenty.

I watched Jamie Foxx get the approval of Jay-Z and the black power fist from Oprah.  I watched a nervous Ben and an excited Matt‘s first time.  I watched Denzel be a boss.

But none of these could compare to the greatest Oscar Speech of All-Time.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you: Cuba Gooding Jr.

00:03 – “And the Oscar goes to…Cuba Gooding Jr in Jerry Magurie.”

00:14 – Vivica loooooves it (and yeah, that’s Dennis Rodman sitting next to her).

00:17 – That mustache > Everything

cuba must

00:22 – After watching this video about two-thousand times I just realized Cuba does this weird jump/stomp Hulk thing on the front of the stage.

00:26 – Will and Jada love it.

00:42 –  Cuba shouts out TC.  That’s Tom Cruise

00:47 – Shouts out the fam.

00:57 – Shouts out God.

01:06 – Here’s where it gets good.  Music starts.  Cuba keeps going.

01:12 – Second Tom Cruise shout out.

01:16 – Music gets louder.  Cuba gets louder.

01:20 – Shout out to Regina King.  At this point the music is less cutting him off and more aiding and abetting.  It’s awesome.  .

01:25 – Cuba LOVES everybody.  SO HYPED!!

cuba must01:28 – Crowd shot.  Everybody loves Cuba.

01:35 – Cuba is going insane.  Crowd is going insane.  Music blaring.  Everything’s crescendoing.

cuba must

01:47 – Wait. I’m sorry now Cuba is going insane.  INSANE!!!

01:57 – This is sooo Rod Tidwell.  Perfect.


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