Diva Alert

Fourteen years ago, the 49ers played the Packers in one the greatest playoff games in NFL history.  It went something like this. (Watch the whole drive, Vintage Steve Young + Pat Summerall play-by-play + Nervous Brett Favre + Emotional Terrell Owens = AMAZING)

Something bigger than a San Francisco win happened on that drive.  After four years in the NFL, Terrell Owens transformed from hardworking slot receiver into the biggest diva the league had ever seen.

Today, the Packs and Niners faced off again in the playoffs.  Again the Niners won and again another four year receiver tilted the balance,  Michael Crabtree hauled in 9 receptions for 119 yard and 2 touchdowns in route to the 49ers stomping out the Packers in a one-sided affair.  Then Michael Crabtree, known mostly as a former first round pick and mild disappointment, marched into the post game press conference dressed something like a Lenny Kravitiz impersonator (for reference he usually dresses like this).


And just like that, a Diva is born.

Oh yeah, and of course 2 Chainz was there.  Because, why wouldn’t he be?


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