Twentysomething: Phase 3

In the long journey of being twentysomething and trying to figure it all out, I’ve gotten nowhere.  Since I’ve graduated college, I have no answers and more questions.  Luckily, I still have six years to unlock the answers that have evaded my first four.

In the pursuit of something/anything, I’ve begun to prep for the third phase my twentysomething journey to somewhere/anywhere.  The first phase was getting a job (a mind numbing one), getting paid (not a lot, but enough), and spending all I had on drunken nights and empty experiences (sowing my wild oats, you might say).  The second phase was losing my job (sort of a blessing in disguise, but really only sort of), starting to write and read as much as possible and experimenting with “mind opening” substances (which may or may not have ended with me sobbing uncontrollably for four hours).   The third phase (which I’m currently preparing for) is a cross country drive I plan on taking alone for about a month, that will (hopefully) combine Thoreauian lonerism and Kerouacian adventureism (four of the last five words are completely made up, but if you follow, good for you, we’re on the same page) to some level of self discovery – or at least that’s what I’m telling my mother.

The first phase was about trying to conform to “the system,” while still trying to live the college life.  The second phase was being rejected by “the system” and trying to figure out where I fit.  The third phase, if I’m being honest, is probably me  just running away from “the system” completely.

So, let’s look at a tentative route for, what I’m calling, “the drive.”


New York (home)Chicago (crash on friend’s couch/floor)
ChicagoWichita (crash on Aunt’s couch/floor, may stop for layover in St Louis)
Wichita – Phoenix (crash on Cousin’s couch/floor)
Phoenix Las Vegas (sleeping arrangement TBD, if anyone knows of a couch/floor/front lawn I can crash on, it would be greatly appreciated)
Las Vegas Yosemite (camp)
Yosemite San Fran (see: Vegas)
San Fran Yuma (crash on Niece’s couch/floor)
YumaAustin (crash on Cousin who I’ve never met before’s couch/floor)
AustinNew Orleans (see: Vegas)
New OrleansSomewhere in Georgia (crash on friend’s couch/floor)
Somewhere in Georgia New York (home)

The trip is planned (once again, tentatively) to embark in about three months (enough time for me to build up some funds for the trip).  While I know most people my age dream of (or have already) backpacking through Europe, seeing the Louvre, Acropolis, and Buckingham Palace, that’s just not for me.  I want to drive through the cornfields of the mid-west, eat copious amounts of smoked meat in the south, and see, in person, the Full House house on the Coast.

Who knows if this trip has the answers? (spoiler alert: it doesn’t).  But hey, it’s definitely something.


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