Live Blogging – It’s a Wonderful Life

I watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year.  I don’t care if it’s cliche.  I don’t care if it’s over sentimental.  I don’t care what anyone says about it.  I will defend it until the day I die.

With Christmas less then a week away it was time for my yearly viewing.

00:01:50 – OMG I love this movie, the people are praying for George Bailey, I already know I’m going to be balling like a baby in approximately two hours.

00:02:40 – Love that the 1940’s version of talking Angels are just glowing stars.  When is George Lucas going to buy the rights to It’s a Wonderful Life and re-release it all CGIed up?

00:05:21 – We get our first glimpse of Mr. Potter played by a young Dick Cheney.

00:05:51 – “HOT DOG!” (Every once in a while I’m going to transcribe lines out of context.  Why? Just because. So get use to it.)

00:08:36 –  Are there really just big bottles of poison laying around drug stores?  And if there are, are they really just labeled “POISON.”  And how drunk is Mr. Gower that he mixed up a big bottle of POISON with real medicine?  I mean it’s pretty clearly labeled.

00:11:50 – “I want a BIG one.”

00:12:00  We get a look at “21 year old” George played by 40 year old Jimmy Stewart, this puts the James Van Der Beek Dawson’s Creek/Varsity Blue casting to shame.

00:19:20 – Peter ‘Pa’ Bailey is awesome.

00:27:11 – “You want the moon, just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it.”

00:32:00 – I think Potter just laid out the entire Republican 2012 party platform.

00:43:58 – I can’t wait for the scene in the remake where Mary just sits on Facebook all day and stalks George Bailey.

00:48:15 – George Bailey just smelt Mary’s hair!  George just smelt Mary’s hair!  They’re about to fall in love!  This is how it happens!  HERE IT COMES!! FACE SMASH!  There’s no way any part of that kiss was enjoyable, they basically just head butted lips.

00:58:00 – George Bailey just saved an entire town from the Great Depression.  #AmericanHero

01:09:00 – I got to believe when Mitt Romney watches this movie he sees it as a story about a genius business man (Mr. Potter) trying to overcome a socialist nuisance (George Bailey) and his army of free loading takers.

01:19:00 – “I want to spend Christmas in Elmira with my family.”

01:21:20 – I don’t want to come off disrespectful or anything, but I’m just going to say it, Violet is a total trollop.

01:39:00 – If they ever remake this movie, Clarence has to be played by Lou Holtz, it’s the only conceivable choice.

01:44:30 – Clarence just made it so it was like George was never born at all.  Making myself a turkey sandwich and pausing the movie, I’ll be right back.


01:48:00 – I’ve watched this movie a million times and I still don’t know why Nick turns into Joe Pesci from Casino in the George Baileyless alternate universe.

01:50:30 – “Get me, I’m giving out wings.”

01:59:14 – **They say the title in the move alert** Here it comes…“See George, you really had a wonder life.”

02:00:00 – I love that in 1946 the worst thing that could happen to a women is that she becomes a librarian and never gets married. #IndependentWomen

02:01:28 – Here’s the home stretch.  Starting to get that feeling in my throat.

02:02:30  “You know me Burt…Zuzu’s pedals! Zuzu’s pedals!” – Best line.

02:05:32 – Eyes getting glassy.

02:06:30 –  Mammie will definitely be played by Monique in the remake.  That’s a Guarantee.

02:07:17 – “Mr Martini, How ’bout some wine?” – Singing starts.

02:07:45 – Getting glassier.

02:08:21 – “A toast to my big brother George, the richest man town.” –Lump in throat growing.

02:08:50  George reads Clarence’s note, “Dear George, – Remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings! Love, Clarence.”  Throat getting lumpier, eyes getting mistier.

02:09:00   (bell rings) “Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.” (Zuzu is the cutest, by the way.)

02:09:08 – “That right, that a boy Clarence, that a boy” (wink) – Cue tears.

02:09:37 – The End


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