The Evolution of a Shirt


I bought this shirt a year and half ago.  I was working at NBC, snuck out to H&M and bought it.  I almost didn’t though.  I mean, who wants to take a fashion cue from Jay Leno.  Thankfully, I had female with me at the time.  I asked her, what the female consensus on denim shirts were.  I’d watched enough Seinfeld to fear this reaction.

She told me to go for it, but gave me two HUGE pieces of advice.  First, wear it with black jeans to avoid the whole Canadian Tuxedo thing.  Second, roll up the sleeves.  I bought the shirt, followed her advice and never looked back.

It immediately became my favorite shirt.  The ’98 Pedro of my sartorial rotation.  The go-to shirt.  In a year and a half it saw more than it’s fair share of Friday night bar scenes, first dates, and failed impromptu Rihanna meet ups.  Even Ryan Gosling totally stole the look.

Then today something happened.  It was over it.  I saw the shirt in my closet, put it on, and just felt – ehh -.  A year and half run as the shirt and I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.

Tonight, without a true ace in my sartorial rotation, I wore it out anyway.  I thought, I’d give it one more chance to recapture its magic.  And even though it received a compliment, it couldn’t buoy the once “go to shirt.”

So, it’s time.  It’s time to retire the shirt.  Maybe, like Jordan in ’95, Jay in ’06 or Clemens in ’04, in ’06 and in ’07, it will come out of retirement and one day return to prominence.  But for now, Good Night Denim Shirt, you had a great run.


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