What If…Drew Brees Passed His Physical


In the 2006 NFL offseason the Dolphins needed a quarterback   They were about to sign Drew Brees to a long term deal.  All he had to do was pass a physical.

Instead the Dolphins training staff failed him, the front office traded for a washed up Dante Culpepper and the Saints inked Drew Brees to a six year $60 million deal. and in doing so, saved football in New Orleans, stole three Super Bowls from Tom Brady, and transformed Eli Manning into a Hall of Famer.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s what could have been.


– Dolphins sign Drew Brees.
– Needing a QB,the Saints draft Vince Young number two overall.
– The Titans then take Matt Leinart number three.
–  Allowing Reggie Bush to fall to the Jets at number four.
–  The Dolphins coming off a 9-7 year, only get better with Brees at the helm and make the playoffs.
–  Without Brees running the show the Saints miss the playoffs.
–  The Dolphins play the Colts in the first round of the playoffs.  Against a notoriously bad Colts’ defense the ‘Phins upset (what would ultimately be the Super Bowel champion) Colts. Robbing what would have been Peyton Manning’s first title.
–  With Manning out of the way the Patriots march to the Super Bowl and beat the Rex Grossmen led Bears as Tom Brady hoists his fourth Lombardi trophy.


–  Following a successful season, Nick Saban declines the Alabama offer and stays in Miami.
–  Alabama hires Houston Nutt from Arkansas and ‘Bama toils in mediocrity for the foreseeable future.
–  The Saints drafting in the top ten, take Ted Ginn Jr.
–  The Dolphins draft Dwayne Bowe with their first pick (in the early 20s) and (instead of John Beck) they take LaMarr Woodley in the second round.
–  In the regular season, aided by a strong pass rush and improving passing game the Dolphins beat the Pats in one of their two regular season match-ups.
– Going into their week 17 match up against the Giants the Pats are 14-1.  Not playing for perfection they rest all their starters and fall to 14-2.
–  The ‘Phins make the playoffs again and start to emerge as a perennial contender.
–  The Saints with Vince Young as their franchise player continue to flounder.
–  The Super Bowl pits the Pats vs. the G-men.  Without the pressures of perfection on them, among other factors (the Giants not having week 17 as a true barometer) the Pats win back-to-back titles.  Tom Brady wins his fourth ring tying him with Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana.


– With the effects of Katrina still lingering and the Saints being terrible for years now, ownership sells.  The new owners announce plans to move the franchise to L.A. in the upcoming season.
–  The Titans (who are atrocious, thanks to the ineptitude of Matt Leinart) draft Darren Mcfadden with a top five pick.
–  The Saints draft Vernon Gholston in the top ten.
–  The Dolphins hit gold late in the first round with running back Chris Johnson.
–  The Saints are predictably awful again and fire Sean Payton by mid-season.
–   The Dolphins fueled by Drew Brees, Dwayne Bowe, and Chris Johnson march through the AFC.
–  With back-to-back Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady on the shelf, the Dolphins go to their first Super Bowl since 1984.
–  The Dolphins take on and crush the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.


–  The Saints move to L.A. and hire Cam Cameron as their head coach.
–  The Saints finally give up on Vince Young and draft local college Superstar Mark Sanchez in the top five.
–  The Jets draft Josh Freeman later in the first round.
–  The Jets miss the playoffs.
–  The Dolphins win their division for the second straight year.
–  The Saints go 0-16.
–  Brett Favre leads the Vikings to a Super Bowl match up against the Colts.
–  Manning finally get’s the monkey off his back and wins his first a title in his twelfth NFL season.
–  Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators win their third BCS Championship in four years, cementing Tebow has the greatest college quarterback of all-time.


– The Los Angeles Saints fire Cam (obviously) and hire So Cal favorite Pete Caroll.
–  Missing out on the Pete Carroll sweepstakes, the Seattle Seahawks hire Jason Garrett.
–  Sean Payton gets hired to replace Jason Garett as Cowboys’ offensive coordinator.
–  With Drew Brees and Tom Brady in their division Rex Ryan decides he needs pass rushers to be competitive, the Jets draft Jason Pierre-Paul in the first round.
–  The juggernaut Dolphins make a second Super Bowl in three years, but lose to the Packers.


–  Sean Payton takes over as Dallas Cowboys head coach.
–  Without JPP’s two sacks, safety and blocked field goal, the Giants lose to the Cowboys in Week 14.
–  The Cowboys win the division and the Giants miss the playoffs.
–  Tom Coughlin gets fired and after eight season, the former number one overall pick, Eli Manning is widely considered a mild disappointment.
–  Belichick’s Patriots face Saban’s Dolphins in the NFC championship.  Peter King hypes it as a chess match between the two best coaches of the last decade.  Belichick wins.
–  Without the Giants in their way Tom Brady and Bill Belichick win their record breaking sixth Super Bowl.


–  TBD.

So there you have it.  The only reason Tom Brady isn’t the unquestioned Greatest Quarterback of All-Time is because the Dolphins failed Drew Brees on a physical six years ago.

Ain’t that some shit.


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