You Hate 808s and Heartbreaks?

Watch this video.

Now if you know anything about me, you know that I’ve been fighting the 808s and Heartbreaks crusade for years now, and this clip totally captures why it is the most underrated hip-hop album of the last ten years and, in my opinion, a secretly  CLASSIC ALBUM.

The second half of this video is a conversation I’ve had with too many people to count.

And it is usually goes something like this.

Me:  808s is such an underrated/classic/awesome album.

Other Person:  I hate 808s and Heartbreaks.

Me:  You hate it?    

Other Person:  Yeah, Heartless is the only good song on it.

Me:  You don’t like Love Lockdown?

Other Person:  Yeah, Love Lockdown is good.

Me:  You don’t like Amazing?

Other Person:  Amazing is good too.

Me: You don’t like Street Lights?

Other Person:  I actually really like Street Lights.

Me: What about Paranoid or RoboCop?

Other Person:  Yeah, those are good too I guess.

Me:  That’s six songs on a twelve song album you like, and I didn’t even mention Say You Will, which is arguably the best song on the entire thing.

Other Person:  I don’t know, I just didn’t like it.

Me:  (Face of utter confusion)

I will continue to fight the 808s and Heartbreaks fight to my dying day and I will never concede it is anything less than brilliant.

That is all.



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