Meek Mill 2016

I was going to get on my high horse and write about Obama’s landslide electoral victory.  I was going to write about how it encapsulated the Right’s biggest flaw.  No, not the rise of a New America, but the Right’s total aversion to fact, science and, as Bill Clinton put it, arithmetic.  In the days leading up to the election conservative pundits raved that the polls were wrong, that the math was biased or just plain bad.  That Mitt Romney would win in a landslide and defy whatever “magic” logarithms the loons on the left could cook  up.  This follows a disturbing Republican trend, when the facts aren’t on your side, stick your head in the sand and try to discredit the math and the science.  Whether it’s painting climate change as a farce, fighting against teaching evolution in schools, a complete ignorance to women’s reproductive parts, or an economic plan that just simply does not add up, the Right just refuses to accept the facts.

But then I listened to the new Meek Mill album and something much more important happened.  MEEK TOOK SHOTS AT CHRIS!!! HE TOOK SHOTS AT CHRIS BROWN!!!  I knew I always liked Meek, but I never quite new why.  Now I know.  HE TOOK SHOTS AT CHRIS!! And he aligned himself with Drake!  YES!  YES!  YES! This made the whole album worth it. I love when people take shots at Chris.  It’s one of my top three favorite things ever.  EVER!

Now let me digress for a second, because I can’t find any blogs talking about this at all.  After googling, “Chris Brown Meek Mill Beef,” “Meek Mill subliminal shots at Chris Brown” and “Young Kings Chris Brown Shots.” nothing, nothing at all.  All I could find were some old posts about twitter feuds and bottle throwing.  Is nobody else hearing this?  Am I the only one?

I’ll let you take a listen and see if you hear it,

Did you hear it? Did you?

Okay let me explain if you didn’t pick up on it.  A while ago Drake and Meek got into a champagne bottle throwing incident with one Chris Brown.  Okay, now let’s look at the chorus.

Young kings, young kings
I be rollin’ with some young kings, young kings
And we know one thing, one thing
Get money nigga fuck fame, and fuck fame
I be rollin’ with some young kings, young kings 
And we know one thing, one thing
Get money nigga fuck fame, and fuck fame”

There it is in print, see it now?

Meek says he’s “rolling with some young kings.”  Coincidentally, Drake refers to himself as a “young king” in the Nicki Minaj single, Moment for Life.  Meek also references the Drizzy motto YOLO in his first verse of Young Kings.  This (to me) implies he’s boys with Drizzy Drake Rogers.  Then Meek raps that “we know one thing … fuck fame and fuck fame.”  Even more coincidentally, Chris Brown’s last album was title FAME.  Furthermore, Meek says “fuck fame” twice, possibly hinting at a double meaning?  definitely declaring “fuck fame and FUCK CHRIS BROWN.

Love it Meek.  LOVE IT.



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