Queen Bey

This is the best news of the day, nay, the week, nay, THE MONTH.

***Beyonce Rumored to Perform at Super Bowl Halftime Show***

Why am I so excited for Beyonce to perform the Super Bowl Halftime show?

It’s not that I’m some type of Beyonce super-fan.

It’s that I have a long term vested interest in who performs the Super Bowl Halftime show.

After the debacle that was the Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl Halftime show, a friend and I started talking about possible suitors for future Halftime shows.  My friend, a Dave-head, said, with the confidence of Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair, that Dave Mathews Band was a lock to perform a Halftime show.  Me, a normal person with normal interests, said no way in hell.  He threw out a bunch of “facts” that seemingly every zombie-Dave-head has at there fingertips, “DMB is the number one touring band in the world, and they’re blah blah blah…”

What he, like most DMB fans, don’t understand is that no one outside of the DMB fan-bubble cares at all about Dave Mathews Band.  The world is pretty split in this way, there’s just no casual Dave fans.  They don’t exist   You’ve either seen them live thirty times or you can’t name a single song.  If you’re a pseudo hippie, high school stoner, Birkenstock enthusiast or College ultimate frisbee player, you probably fingered your first girl at a Dave Mathews Band show and have loved them ever since, which is fine, but as for the rest of us, when we think Dave Mathews Band all we think of is, “who knew jacked black guys play violins?”

Back to the Super Bowl Halftime show.  Both equally confident in our resolve, we made a bet.

The bet was/is simple.

Dave Mathews Band [will/ will not] play a Super Bowl Halftime Show by 2017.  A long term bet (my favorite kind of bet).

The stakes were/are big:

A full expenses paid trip to Vegas, which includes, Airfare, Hotel, Steak Dinner and $500 of spending cash.  That’s nearly two grand (or the equivalent to my life savings).  

So, I deliver a big thank you to the hottest chick in the game wearing Jay-Z’s chain for signing on to perform the 2013 Super Bowl show and bringing me one year closer to a free Vegas extravaganza.

To celebrate, let’s listen to my favorite Beyonce song.:

Now I Just Got to Stay Clean for Four More Years.  


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