Drizzy Madness Retrospective

A while back I did a little thing called Drizzy Madness.  With over a thousand views it’s easily my most popular post to date.  That said, almost everyone I talk to about it, makes clear they did not agree with the final outcome or, for that matter, most of the bracket itself.

Now four months removed I can look at it with fresh eyes and say I did make some pretty egregious errors, though I do stand by most of my picks.  Here’s my breakdown of my biggest mistakes and a defense of my most controversial picks.

First Round 

Forgive Me

Find Your Love (1) vs The Ride (16):  While I still maintain that The Ride is tremendously underrated and Find Your Love is equally played out, I still should have showed Find Your Love some respect.

HYFR (4) vs Dreams Money Can Buy (13) :  HYFR should have beat DMCB.  I don’t really have a good excuse to why I didn’t picked HYFR.  I still really like the DMCB sample but I totally overlooked the subversive anthem-y-ness of HYFR.  Looking back at the bracket I could say with some confidence that HYFR probably should have made the Elite Eight.

I Will Not Apologize

Up All Night (4) vs The Resistance (13):  Sure, if Up All Night comes on Hot 97 I’m not going to change it but Nicki’s verse is still weaksauce.

Light Up (6) vs Paris Morton Music (11):  On the surface picking against Jay in the first round seems like blasphemy, but like Drizzy and Jay’s first collaboration Off That, Light Up just didn’t live up to the hype.

Who Should Have Went Further

Say What’s Real (7):  If you read my original post, you could tell I had a hard time picking against Say What’s Real.  It should have beaten Over.

Houstaltanvegas (11):  I’m just going say it, Houstatlantavegas should have been in the Final Four.  My bad.

Who I Stand By

Fear (8):   I took a lot of grief over knocking out Best I Ever Had in the second round, but I stand by Fear being a Final Four caliber track.  It’s an all-time great headphones track.

9 AM in Dallas:  It beat Forever AND Shut It Down, two tracks a lot of people thought had a claim at the top spot.  I respond simply by saying 9 AM is one of Drake’s best pure lyrical performances.  And I’m not alone in that assertion (exhibit 1) (exhibit 2).

Defending The Champ

Here’s where I took the most crap.  It seemed no one agreed that Marvin’s Room should have been crowned champ.  Even more, most people didn’t even think it deserved a spot in the Final Four.  The prevailing feeling was that Shut It Down, Best I Ever Had or Houstatlantavegas should have taken the top spot.  Here’s what I say to those people, if aliens came down to Earth tomorrow and said to you, “In six minutes explain to me everything about Drake.”  You could play Marvin’s Room and they would immediately get the picture.  “Oh, he’s a sort of rapper slash whiny singer, who’s kind of bitch but also sort of endearing, who’s still hung up on his ex-girlfriend even though he seemingly has sex all the time and for some reason he tapes a lot of his private phone calls.  Is that all?”  Then you would take your remaining 13 seconds and say, “Yea, and he also threw a champagne bottle at Chris Brown’s head.”  And that would be it, they would know everything they need to know about Drake in six minutes.  That’s why Marvin’s Room is Drizzy’s #1 song.


2 thoughts on “Drizzy Madness Retrospective

  1. That reasoning behind picking “Marvins Room” makes a lot of sense. Still don’t think it’s Drake’s best song (or even one of his 4 best songs), but I 100% agree that it defines Drake as an artist.

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