Zadie Smith + Jay-Z = Yes

Okay here’s the thing, I’ve spent most (all) of the day watching football (and after this post I will return to the other room to watch Peyton Manning).  I haven’t really prepared anything to write, BUT I did read an absolutely awesome article online the other day, so I’ll just pass that on to you.

It was written by, British novelist, Zadie Smith about one of my favorite topics in the world, Jay-Z.

The House That Hova Built


Biggie had better boasts, Tupac dropped more knowledge, Eminem is — as “Renegade” demonstrated — more formally dexterous. But Hova’s the all-rounder. His albums are showrooms of hip-hop, displaying the various possibilities of the form. The persona is cool, calm, almost frustratingly self-controlled: “Yeah, 50 Cent told me that one time. He said: ‘You got me looking like Barksdale’ ” — the hot-blooded drug kingpin from HBO’s “The Wire” — “and you get to be Stringer Bell!” — Barksdale’s levelheaded partner.

Gah, I wish I could write words that read like that.


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