Fifth Grade Nostalgia

Today I was looking through my fifth grade yearbook, when two pieces of loose leaf fell out.

As I vaguely remember, in fifth grade we had to pass around a piece of paper with our names on it and every classmate had to write something nice about said person.  That’s twenty-one people who were forced to show me love.  Talk about a retroactive Ego-Boost.

Full disclosure, in terms of athletics, academics and popularity, I totally peaked in fifth grade (see graph below).  I had made my little league all-star game for the third straight year, was chosen to give a speech at the fifth grade graduation and at least three different chicks wanted it.

Back to the subject at hand…

What They Said

To Greg you are a great friend, your fun, kind and good at baseball, from your pal Steven… My best friend in fifth grade, we stopped talking by seventh grade.

You are nice to other people. -Choyi-  

Your funny and nice to others. -Kristine-

Greg you are fun to be with -Christina … I see her in the city all the time.  We pretend we don’t know each other.

Your nice and funny! Elana … Found out at the eighth grade dance she had a crush on me for three years.  Swag.

Dear Greg, Your a really nice person to be with!  See you next year!  Good luck with the trumpet  From SallyO… Two exclamation points.  She wanted it.

Dear greg, your one of the nicest friends I’ve ever had this year, From Joesph … 60% of the time it works every time.

 Dear Greg, You have been very polite to me during the fifth Grade year.  Amanda S.

Dear Greg, You have been a real nice kid.  Chris B.

Greg, Have a nice summer! Paul …That’s not a compliment at all, I never liked Paul Choe.

Dear Greg, your a great friend, I think you should work on your layups too.  P.S. Don’t shoot airballs!  Nooot. Chip… I was totally better than him at basketball.

Dear greg, your awesome at baseball – Dan

Hi best friend your great at sports Alex Z.  Don’t be a stranger… We were never best friends, but I’m flattered.

You are very weird and funny.  Charles … “Very weird” ?  This is one of the weirdest kids I know, according to Facebook he’s working on his memoir (mind you he still lives with his mother). 

You are very nice and funny you are also good in baseball – Brittany … She totally had a crush on me. 

You are a good writer.  You are also a good friend to Steven – Dayna … I totally had a crush on her.  

You are very funny and helpful – Jen

You are just funny – Sabah – Just funny? Go fuck yourself Sabah.

Your a great baseball player –  Alex G… That’s the forth baseball compliment.  What, What!!

Sweeeet it’s summer.  I hope you have a great one. Chris Quinn

You are a good friend since 4th grade.  Henry… Now calls himself “Hanky Panky,” not making that up.

The Class of 98-99…



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