An Open Letter to the Creator of Boy Meets World

Dear Michael Jacobs,

I’ve watched Boy Meets World since its original run on ABC.  I watched the reruns on the Disney Channel, and ABC family.  Now I watch the reruns on MTV2.  That’s nearly twenty years of Boy Meets World, and I only have one thing to say.

Mr. Jacobs, it’s time for a Boy Meets World reunion.

I have so many questions.  Are Corey and Topanga still together?  How do they like New York?  Do they have any kids?  Did Feeney ever “conveniently” pop up in Central Park to teach them a few more life lessons?  Did Angela ever come back for Shawn?  Does Shawn still have a horrible goatee? Is Rider Strong still a terrible actor?  Who will play Morgan, Lily Nicksay or Lindsay Ridgway?  Does Eric need to wear a helmet in everyday life?    Are Rachel and Jack together?  Did Alan go through a mid-life crisis and cheat on Amy yet?

These questions need answering.  Michael  Jacobs answer these questions.  It’s been over ten years, bring the gang back to Philly for one last time, maybe for a high school reunion, college reunion, or – if you really want me to ball my eyes out – Feeny’s funeral (my heart dropped just writing the words “Feeny’s funeral”).

This is more than just a letter.  It’s a call to greatness.  I beg you Michael Jacobs, give me us one last Hoo-Rah.



Gregory A. Massaro

P.S.  Can I get some Mr. Turner closure?


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