My Favorite Albums from 1996-2011

To see the full list of my Favorite Albums from 1996-2011, click HERE.


1)  Picking My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy number one is absolutely the easiest decision I’ve ever made in my life.

2)  I really like Jack White.

3)  2003 Fiddy would end 2012 Fiddy’s career (ala Ja Rule).

4)  Thom Yorke is a genius.

5)  I can’t believe I put The Blueprint behind Get Rich or Die Tryin’, but I stand by it.

6)  I’m saying this in the most heterosexual way possible,  Justin, can you please bring Sexy Back again?

7)  Jay’s second appearance, see I got love for you Hov.

8)  The prefect double album.

9)  A lot of people think 808s and Heartbreak  is Ye’s weakest album.  I don’t.

10)  I thought I told you, I really like Jack White.

11)  Pre-Young Money Drake > Young Money Drake.

12)  So Loud. So Good.

13)  More Kanye.

14)  One of my first favorite albums.

15)  Just look at my Facebook cover photo.  Similarities?           

16)  Still more Kanye.

17)  I mean it features my favorite rap song of all-time, what did you expect?

18)  Getting a little hipsterish.

19)  All you have to do is watch this, and you’ll understand.

20)  I don’t smoke weed, but this kind of makes me want to.

21)  Is it becoming apparent who my favorite artist is?

22)  I can listen to this until I die.  No exaggeration.

23)  Thank Me Later.  And no the album cover is not 3D.

24)  Greatest female rapper of all-time.

25)  My hipster undertones are coming out again.

26)  Thom Yorke is a genius.

27)  Doesn’t hold up great, but it’s still pretty solid.

28)  But really, what happened Fiddy?

29)  *Unpopular Opinion Alert* Nostalgia, Ultra. > channel ORANGE.

30)  Side note, The Roots are the greatest live hip hop act on the planet. (Sorry Jay)

31)  I never thought I’d like an album like this.  I was wrong.

32)  I’m only about four years late to the LCD Soundsystem party.

33)  These guys played at Fordham my senior year.  So glad they did.

34)  Who cares if it sounds like he’s castrated?  I just need synths.

35)  Jay’s third appearance (P.S. Jay’s American Gangster should be on this list, totally forgot).  Kanye’s sixth.

36) Wayne’s first and only appearance.

37)  I’ve dedicated over 7,000 words to this guy.

38)  The U2 of our generation?  I don’t know how to feel about that.  I don’t even know if that’s a compliment anymore.

39)  More hipster undertones.

40)  Black Thought, the most overlooked rapper out right now.

41)  Surprising really good live.

42)  This chick has pipes.

43)  Lived off this album in High School.

44,45) Lasers’ Lupe, (Chief Keef voice) That’s that shit I don’t like!

46)  But really, what’s wrong with just making easily digestible songs for the masses?  (Only said sort of facetiously)

47)  I think I get too excited whenever something from Inside In/Inside Out comes on my Pandora.

48, 49)  Funk. Rock. City.

50) “And Moby, you can get stomped by Obie, You 36 year old bald headed fag blow me. You don’t know me, you’re too old.  Let go, it’s over, nobody listens to techno,” boy was Em wrong on that one.


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