Shopping List

Last night I couldn’t sleep.  So instead of sleeping, I decided to scavenge Urban Outfittter’s entire men’s collection.

There are many less than masculine thoughts that occasionally circle my mind like, “I wish I could lose five pounds from my stomach,” “Wow, Orlando Bloom is really good looking,” and -as last night was an example of- “I just want to go shopping!”

Here’s a tidy little list of last night’s highlights (donations welcome).

Absolutely Need.

I Can Totally Be Convinced Into Buying.

The Word “Sale” is Doing A Lot Right Now. 

If I Had Ten Percent More Confidence, I’d Totally Rock the Shit Out of This.

Dude, New Pants.

Umm, Shoes.

SIZES: Tops-Medium, Pants-33/32, Shoes-9.5…


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