Crossing My Fingers

I graduated college a little over two years ago.  I got the first job I interviewed for, like most first jobs the plan was do that for a while, keep applying, keep interviewing, get a job I actually wanted and start my fabulous post-grad life.

I applied/interviewed for a bunch of jobs I had absolutely no interest in  (mostly, administration assistant, legal assistant, and data entry positions), and, apparently, the feeling was mutual.  No new job offers.  Then I got fired from NBC.  Kept applying.  Kept interviewing.  Still no bites.

The other day, for the first time in a while, I interviewed for a job that actually interested me/I want.  The job is at Mom and Pop Music.  An independent music label that features Metric, Neon Indian and, one of my favorite new(ish) bands, Sleigh Bells, among others. (*Quick aside* Sleigh Bell’s Treats is one of my favorite albums of 2010 the last four years, I credit it with opening me up to new types of music (like indie pop and indie rock) and allowing me to become more confident in my musicial tastes/opinions *aside over*.)  If I get the job, I will be working under Michael Goldstone, the guy who signed Pearl Jam. (*Another quicker aside* Pearl Jam’s Ten > Nirvana’s Nevermind *aside over*.)  The job would include the typical minutiae, answering phones, scheduling, yada yada yada, but would also include, going to shows, researching new talent and working with artists, so, yeah, I’m interested.

I walked into the trendy midtown office, the walls lined with albums and CDs, staffed with a bunch of twenty-somethings,  and greeted by an attractive young woman wearing a summery pink dress with black polka dots.  The first thing she said, “Sorry the office is so empty, everyone’s at Lollapollaza.”  Can you see why my interest is growing?

The girl in the pink dress interviewed me.  It was only a twenty minute interview (not a good sign).  But, I don’t think it was terrible.  I mean, I’ve had worse. There was no attack of flop sweat, I didn’t have a case of the”umms” (I’ve had experience with both).  It was also far from my best effort, a few jokes landed flat, and of course she asked me my least favorite interview question of all time.  “Tell me about yourself?”  Well, I came in fifth in fantasy football league last year and considering my late season injuries, I was proud of that.  I watch a lot of late night television while falling asleep on my parents couch.  I’ve been listening to Passion Pit’s Gossmaer incessantly for the last week.  I actually did say that last thing, it felt appropriated, but really, what am I suppose to say?

Anyway, I just sent the, “thank you for your time, I hope to hear back from you,” post-interview e-mail, basically the Hail Mary e-mail of the interview process.  The e-mail that says, “ignore my lack of experience, my middling interview and, instead, be impressed by my politeness.”

Maybe I’m wrong though, maybe I’m about to start my fabulous Post-Grad life or maybe I’m doomed for a Post-Grad dystopia on my parents couch.

Crossing my fingers for the former.


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