channel ORANGE: An Extremely Meticulous Review of Frank Ocean’s Debut Album

**Disclaimer:  This review below will not be based around or harp on Frank Ocean’s sexual orientation.  While, his coming out is undoubtedly a positive for the acceptance of a group that is still discriminated against, it should not be his (or anyone else’s) definer.  He should not be looked at as the Gay R&B Artist, but rather just, an R&B Artist.**

channel ORANGE

I originally intended to write an in depth, track-by-track, review.  I even scrolled out a few pages of notes for each song, then I read this.  And that’s much better than anything I could even attempt.  So, I will be giving a bit more nuanced track-by-track review.

Thinkin’ Bout You
Totally Awesome.

Pretty Awesome.

Sweet Life
Awesomely Steve Worder-esque

Super Rich Kids
Awesome Mary J. Blige Sample, Awesome Earl Sweatshirt Verse, Awesome Musical Rendition of a Laguna Beach Episode.

Pilot Jones

Crack Rock
Awesome Drums.

Ten Minutes of Awesomness, meets Awesome Prince-esque Overt Sexuality.

Less Awesome Than the Other Tracks, but Still Pretty Awesome.

Bad Religion
Hauntingly Awesome.

Pink Matter
Andre 3000 is Absolutely Fucking Awesome.

Forest Gump
Bizarrely Awesome.

Overview:  While the album isn’t a classic, it’s a very near classic.  Overall, I actually enjoyed Nostalgia, Ultra more, but the highs in Channel Orange are absolutely skyscraper.  I also have no qualms saying that with this album, Frank Ocean has set himself on the top of the R&B mountain, with his only possible rival being The Weeknd (and maybe a resurgent D’angelo).

   Good Job, Frank.


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