A 1990s Basketball Extravaganza: Part II

Do you love 90’s family programming?

Did you used to spend your Friday evenings with TGIF?

Do you love ABC family?

Do you love basketball?

Do you like brackets?

Then this is for you, a 1 v 1 tourney to crown the best 90’s family sitcom baller.

(see yesterday, for scouting reports of our participants)

Ground Rules:

  • One vs. One
  • Call your own fouls.
  • Game to 11.
  • Win by two.

Round 1

(1) Mr. Cooper vs.  (8) Uncle Jesse

No contest.  Uncle Jesse can’t hang with Mr. Cooper (see what I did there).  11-0, Coop.

(4) Shawn Wayans vs. (5) Jamie Foxx

The 4, 5 match gives us an evenly matched game.  This one is close, Shawn takes the lead, but Jamie’s outside shooting keeps him in the game.  Jamie’s edge in athleticism pushes him over the top.  Jamie Foxx wins, 11-9.  Best part of the game, watching Uncle Jr and Pops trash talk on the sideline.

(3) Steve Urkel vs. (6) Martin

Martin trash talks Urkel hard.  To the point that Urkel’s about to tear up.  Martin even drops the line, “Too many Urkel’s on your team, that’s why your wins low.”  Steve bounces back though.  He takes a 8-2 lead, but than Martin starts calling fouls on everything and ends up tying it up at 9 all.  Steve get’s some encouragement from Laura, Gina tells Martin he’s playing like a punk.  Steve breaks Martin’s ankles with a killer crossover and wins 11-9.  Martin blames the loss on the sun being in his eyes.

  (2) Will Smith vs. (7) T.J. Henderson

The Fresh Prince vs the Smart Guy.  Will cracks a few short black nerd jokes ala Carlton.  But Will is a nice guy and lets T.J. score a few easy buckets.  Will ends up winning 11-4 and, also, ends up copping Yvette‘s number.


Round 2

(1) Mr. Cooper vs. (5) Jamie Foxx

Coop bodies Jamie up and scores at will.  Jamie’s shot goes cold from the outside.  Not a very entertaining game as Coop puts on a clinic.  It doesn’t really matter though, because no ones watching the game, everyone’s staring at Vanessa (stunning) and Fancy (more stunning) on the sidelines anyway.  Score 11-2.

(2) Will Smith vs. (3) Steve Urkel

Will makes some more short black nerd jokes ala Carlton.  This time though, Steve provides a more formidable opponent.  Steve even brings in Grandmama to coach him up. While Urkel puts up a fight, Will is too big and too talented.  Will wins 11-6 and. adding insult to injury, picks up Laura.



(1)  Mr. Cooper vs. (2) Will Smith

The match-up everyone expected to see, has arrived.  Coop against the Fresh Prince.  Coop’s power and size versus Will’s silky smooth play.  This game is an instant classic.  Each trade their best shots.  Will is the first one to 11, but still needs to win by two.  At 17-16, Will get’s a glimpse of Coop’s little cousin, thinking that she’s his daughter, Will let’s Coop by him for the game winning dunk, 18-16.  Coop shouts, “THAT’S SO RAVEN” and celebrates.  Will walks off the court head down muttering, “That was not very Raven.”

The End.


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