A 1990s Basketball Extravaganza: Part I

Any fan of 1990’s TV knows that every sitcom needed the requisite basketball episode.  One episode complete with either an entirely too small full court or some type of playground tournament.  Of course, they all ended the same way though.  Game winning shot.  The star takes it.  Makes it and celebrates, or misses it learns winning isn’t everything.

But, now it’s time to see how their games stack up and to crown one man the ultimate 90s baller.


Will Smith “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Scouting Video

Strengths: Finishing around the rim…Getting into the lane…Good rebounder…Solid pull up game…Scoring off the tip off

Weaknesses: Lack of killer instinct…Weak preppy competition…guarding quicker guards…Single fathers

Overview:  Scoring guard who can get into the lane at will, but must work on creating for teammates and must develop a killer instinct.

NBA Comparison: Brandon Jennings

Martin Payne “Martin”

Scouting Video

Strengths: Trash talking…Mid range game…Fly girlfriend

Weaknesses: Short…Ball hog…Help defense..Poor teammate…Perimeter Defense…Pam…Flopping

Overview:  Shoot first point guard, who struggles to defend his position.

NBA Comparison: Bad Gilbert Arenas 

Steve Urkel “Family Matters”

Scouting Video

Strengths: Killer crossover…Ball handling…Quick and flashy…At his best running the break…Creative passer…Good court vision…Clutch

Weaknesses: Small and slight frame…Non existent on the boards…Can be easily posted up

Overview:  A streaky scorer, who will not contribute much defensively, but can be a prototypical scoring sixth man.

NBA Comparison: Somewhere between Jason Terry and JJ Barea

Shawn Wayans “The Wayans Bros”

Scouting Video

Strengths: Good teammate…Hard worker…Posts up well…Strong finisher…Good outlet passer

Weaknesses: Weak interior defender…Doesn’t create his own shot…Needs to play with a strong PG…Boneheaded brother

Overview:  Hardworking forward with good low post game but owns a limited perimeter game.

NBA Comparison: Poor man’s Carlos Boozer-Black Tyler Hansbrough

Mr. Cooper “Hanging with Mr. Cooper”

Scouting Video

Strengths: Dunking Machine…Solid mid-range jumper…Sick Glasses…Athletic enough to get to the hoop

Weaknesses: Struggles defensively…Weak rebounder…(fake) Knee injurys

Overview:  Big, athletic forward who can dominate offensively.

NBA Comparison: Amare Stoudemire

Uncle Jesse “Full House”

Scouting Video

Strengths: Sweat spot…Backwards hat

Weaknesses: Everything

Overview:  A total useless player.

NBA Comparison: Jared Jefferies Offensively-Adam Morrison Defensively

T.J. Henderson “Smart Guy”

Scouting Video

Strengths: Basketball IQ…Scoring…Believing in Title IV…Eye for Talent

Weaknesses: Size…Selfish…Bad attitude

Overview:  Ball dominate guard who struggles to get teammates involved.

NBA Comparison: Skills wise-Washed Up Allen Iverson…Eye for Talent wise- Geno Auriemma

Jamie Foxx “The Jamie Foxx Show”

Scouting Video

Strengths: Trash talking…Outside shooting…Steps up in big moments…Using his head

Weaknesses: Too small to get into the lane…Pronunciation…97-98 Sonics

Overview:  Guard who possesses limited skills and defers to his teammates, but can hit open jumpers and will step up in big moments.

NBA Comparison: Mario Chalmers

Tomorrow, we will break down who is the King of the Court.


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