A Review of HBO’s The Newsroom (Sort of)

Two episodes into The Newsroom and I have no idea how to feel about it.  Is it really well written or is it totally overwrought?  Is it political or is it propaganda?  Are Sam Waterston’s eyebrows amazing or just too much?  These are all valid questions, but I’m not going to address any of them.  Instead, let’s talk about the biggest revelation from The Newsroom.

Alison Pill.

She is rocketing up my celebrity crush list.

I barely knew who she was until about two weeks ago.  I say “barely,” because I feel like she’s the ultimate “oh, what’s she from” girl.  After a quick IMDB search I can tell you she’s from Midnight in Paris, Scott Pilgrim, Milk, Dan in Real Life, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, that’s a pretty solid “what’s she from” list.

I also remember this tweet. And I remember thinking (after a quick Google images search) c’mon Drake, her???  Well Drizzy, you were right, I was wrong.  Totally all in on Alison Pill.

While writing this, and doing some Alison Pill digging (reading her Wikipedia page), I see she’s engaged to Jay Baruchal.

Love it.  Totally makes sense.  I wish you two the best.  Not even going to try and break this engagement up.  Where are you guys registered? Can I be invited to the wedding?  I don’t even need a plus one.


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