Firefly Fashion

I’m in the early stages of putting together a dope ass wardrobe for the Firefly Music Festival.  A few weeks ago I rocked out at Bonnaroo, rocking nothing but pocket tees.  And if I may say so myself, it was pretty bomb.  Now it’s time for a change.  Loved the pocket tee experience, but it’s time to go bolder.  The concept for Firefly is…90s.  I’m not talking about simply wearing shirts with 90s iconography.  I’m not talking about Kurt Cobain, 90s baggy flannel grunge.  I’m enlisting the Fresh Prince as my 90s fashion spirit guide.  The genesis for the idea came from this article.  Right now I am scavenging the internet for inspiration and any available items.

More Inspiration:

Major Inspiration:

So Far…

I kind of like this.



Got to hit the thrift shops tomorrow.  I’m on the prowl.

By the way if anyone can find me this…

… I’m willing to empty my checking account.


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