Kanye West’s Greatest Music Videos…Appendix

So I did this a while back.  In the time since, Kanye has released three more videos.  Let’s see how they stack up.

LOST IN THE WORLD directed by Ruth Hodben  

It features three Kanye music video staples: black and white composition, strobes and models.  Very avant-garde or at least Kanye’s idea of avant-garde.  It’s undeniably Kanye.  Solid effort, but nothing spectacular.

Score: 23 / Rank: 28

NO CHURCH IN THE WILD directed by Romain Gavras

I guess it’s playing up the whole Occupy Wall Street movement.  It does look cool, but I feel like it tries to hard to “make a statement” or something.  Also it’s sort of boring/one note.  It doesn’t progress in an interesting way.  I guess it’s a more serious version on Run this Town, but I like Run this Town more.   I mean you got Kanye, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, and none of them even make a cameo, c’mon.

Score: 24 / Rank: 26

MERCY directed by NABIL

Easily the most enjoyable video of the crop.  Which is ironic considering it’s just a bunch of guys rapping in a parking garage, but sometimes all you need is just a few guys rapping (see Ni**as in Paris).  Nearly the whole GOOD MUSIC crew shows up on set (even if they’re not on the track).  Simple black and white, but it’s also sort of menacing.  There’s a parent trap thing going on, which is pretty cool.  Some oddly entertaining jumping around/swaying/dancing by the crew is pretty dope too.  SWERVE.

Score: 26.75 / Rank: 19


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