The Great American BBQ Road Trip

Being in the South last week reminded me of a dream road trip I hope to one day take.  The Great American BBQ Road Trip, a sort of, Sherman’s March into the south devouring all things smoked.  I made this road map as a rough guide (very rough), a few years ago.

The Spots:

The Carolinas:  I based the trip around Raleigh and Lexington.  I attribute this to my ignorance of the South.  I am not locked into either of these cities as their state’s representative, but I do hear the Carolinas are revered for their whole-hog and pulled pork (mmm, pork).  Also South Carolina has something called “Carolina Gold,” a mustard based BBQ sauce, which sounds like something I might be am interested in.

Memphis:  Ribs, Ribs, Ribs.  I’ve been told Memphis is known for their ribs and who doesn’t love ribs?  Rhetorical question.  Everyone loves ribs.

Texas:  I tentatively put Dallas as my Texas destination (mostly, because its not too out of the way), but I could be persuaded to stretch my trip to Austin instead.  Regardless, Texas is a must.  I love brisket (the most underrated of all the BBQ meats) and Texas is the spot for brisket.

Kansas City:  In my research it seems Kansas City is the “worlds barbecue capital.”  So yeah,  I’ll be stopping at Kansas City.

St. Louis:  Doubling up on Missouri.  I mean, St. Louis has a specific cut of rib named after them.

Now, these are roughly regions I want to hit, but I’m not tied to anywhere.  If anyone reads this with an extensive knowledge (or any knowledge) of Southern/Midwest barbeque, I would absolutely love some tips.  Whether it’s cities to add (or replace), specific BBQ establishments to look into, or any regional specialties, it would be greatly appreciated.


Now I’m going to go stare in my refrigerator for the next two hours and hope a pulled pork sandwich magically materializes.



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