A Bonnaroo Recap

Finally getting a chance to sit down and process the epicness, that was Bonnaroo 2012.  Quick list of who I saw:

Big Gigantic
Tune Yards
Little Dragon
Foster the People
Umphrey’s Mcgee
The Temper Trap
Childish Gambino
The Roots
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Superjam feat. ?uestlove and D’Angelo
Gary Clark Jr.
Bon Iver
Young the Giant
and a few other smaller bands on the smaller stages

I’m not going to write a long scroll detailing each set, instead I’ll provide you with the Highlights and Lowlights of my Bonnaroo experience.

Highlights (in no particular order)

Young the Giant covering R. Kelly’s Ignition and spraying the crowd with champagne.

Troy from Community Donald Glover Childish Gambino spitting off the dome.  Thanks to computer problems Childish Gambino improvised a bit.  He didn’t disappoint.

Getting a free calzone thrown at me (compliments of K. Flay).

Gary Clark Jr’s entire guitar shredding, face melting setBonus: It rained the night before and one guy, dressed in nothing but boxers, rolled around in the mud during the entire show.

The first two hours of Italian Ices.

Thom Yorke’s non sequiturs between songs.  Especially his Clay Davis impression, “Shieeeeeettttt”.

Luda playing Ni**as in Paris during his set.

Being in the pit for The Roots.  Coincidentally, the drunkest moment of my weekend.

Finding out Zooey Deschanel was on the camp grounds.


Lowlights (in a very particular order)

Swollen ankles and chafing in some very sensitive areas.

The last two hours of Italian Ices.

Missing Alabama Shakes, Kendrick Lamar and The Kooks.

Luda cutting out the Kanye’s verse from Ni**as in Paris.

The Rain.

Finding out Zooey Deschanel was, in fact, not on the camp grounds.


2 thoughts on “A Bonnaroo Recap

  1. I thought Thom Yorke was funny too. “This song is about sex…I guess…”

    And I missed Alabama Shakes too! I heard a lot of people did exactly what I did – got carried away on Thursday, crashed at 8 p.m. and didn’t wake up until the next morning. Oops.

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