The Golden Age of The WB

In the late 90s The WB aired two shows that left an inedible mark in my mind.  The Jamie Foxx Show and Unhappily Ever After.  I’ve watched clips of these shows recently and they are both all kinds of bad.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why I liked these shows so much (hmm, I wonder).

The Jamie Foxx Show

Corny and campy, yes, but it does achieve some laughs.  Back before Jamie was an Oscar winning/terrible actor, he was starring in his own self titled sitcom.  The show is chock full of stock characters.  The loving (and overweight) Aunt, the gambling Uncle, the sexy love interest, and the nerdy, uptight foil, all revolving around the slick talking Jamie.  When I was young I loved Jamie, and of course Fancy, but now in my maturity Garrett Morris kills it, and , oh yea, Fancy’s still fine.

Unhappily Ever After

Wow, this is terrible.  It’s apparent the only two reasons I watched this show was Nikki Cox.  The show functions as a total Married with Children rip off, bum father, check, sexy daughter, check, dim witted brother, check, not to mention an eerily similar set.  And, oh yea, that’s totally E from Entourage.  Is this show awful? Wait, hold on, Nicki Cox just came on screen.  What did I ask again? Oh yea, the shows awful. Awful, awful, awful.


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