Rihanna Vs Rihanna

Two songs that will never get played out are Rihanna’s We Found Love and What’s My Name?  I can literally listen to these two songs on repeat for hours (and as I write this, I currently am).  Each great summer music, each great driving music and some of my favorite Rihanna.  But which one is best.  I will explore the two, comparing them on three simple criteria, Music Video, Collaborators, and (the most important of all) Sexiness.

Familiarize yourself with the topic at hand…


First we have, We Found Love featuring this guy, striking an uncanny resemblance to Chris Brown (RiRi’s ex).  My feelings on Chris Brown, ugh (eye roll).  C’mon Rihanna, you can do so much better, like how about this guy.  Sorry, I’ll pull back my come-ons to Rihanna for the moment.  Anyhow, this video also employs an English (possibly Irish) preamble, something I love (and should be implemented more).  The story is simple, boy meets girl, boy and girl have sex (a lot of it), rave, do drugs (a lot of them), drink, drive recklessly, fight, get addicted to drugs, get an ass tattoo, and break up.

Next we have, What’s My Name?  This video features three of my favorite things, red haired Rihanna (my favorite Rihanna),  New York City (more specifically the LES) and a white guy with dreads.  Also, umm, Rihanna in short shorts, LEGS, yes.  Okay, hold on let me get myself back on track.  So anyway, we have Drake picking up RiRi at some corner bodega, going back to her place where they drink wine, wash dishes together and possibly have sex?? (do guys actually pick up chicks at corner bodegas?  Damn, I got to pick my game up).  The video ends with an impromptu drum circle and a quick cut of Drizzy giving RiRi a peck on the check (aw).

Decision:  We Found Love 1,  What’s My Name 0


We Found Love taps Scottish DJ Calvin Harris to give the sound his signature electro-house brand.  While I don’t hate house music, I definitely don’t like it.  That being said,  I really like this beat.  Would I listen to it without the Rihanna vocals, probably not, but it has the Rihanna vocals, so who cares.  An awesome song to hear when your drunk or to dance to in a club (especially when accompanied by a lady).

What’s My Name features, one of my favorite rappers, Drake.  Drake’s been trying (second verse) to get with RiRi for years (and it looks like he succeed).  Drake does his “I’m gonna sex you real good” thing on this track.  And more importantly gives us the line “the square root of 69 is 8 somethin’, right? ‘Cause I’ve been tryna work it out , ohhh.”

Decision:  We Found Love 1,  What’s My Name 1


A friend of mine once complained “All Rihanna sings about is sex,” I responded to her, “Yeah?”  Listen, if I want to hear songs about heartbreak I’ll put on Adele, if I want to listen to songs about independent women I’ll play some Beyonce,  and if I want sex, then I got my girl Rihanna.

We Found Love centers on the passion of a dangerous love, as RiRi belts out the hook “We found love in a hopeless place”.  What’s My Name riffs on the passion of sex, loaded with seduction and double entendres.


*Now, if anyone knows Rihanna, tell her to give me a shout.


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