The Ten Cheeseburger Commandments

Without further ado, I give you the Ten Cheeseburger Commandments.

  1. Thou Shall be All-Beef.  Turkey, Chicken, Salmon, Veggie, Portbello Mushroom or Any Other Pagan Protein is Unforgivable.
  2. Thou Shall be Medium Rare (real men eat pink).
  3. Thou Shall be Fresh, Never Frozen.
  4. Thou Shall Not Add Bread Crumbs (this is not a meatball, it’s a burger).
  5. Thou Shall Season with Salt and Pepper (and only salt and pepper) Just Before Grilling.
  6. Thou Shall Flip Once.  And Only Once.  
  7. Thou Shall Melt Thy Cheese.
  8. Thou Shall Respect Thy Bun.  Toasted or Steamed.
  9. Thou Shall Grill on a Flat Top (when available).
  10. Thou Shall Serve with a Milkshake (preferably vanilla), Beer (preferably American) or Cherry Coke.

*Dedicated to the Patron Saint of the Cheeseburger: Mr. Ron Swanson


4 thoughts on “The Ten Cheeseburger Commandments

  1. Can the best cheeseburger be made in a restaurant, or must it always be prepared at home? If so, in your opinion, what’s THE BEST burger you’ve ever had?

    • it can come from anywhere…My personal favorite is Shake Shack in Madison Square (the other franchises are a bit of a disappointment especially the one in TSQ). Also The Burger Joint is a pretty good spot too (hidden behind a curtian at Le Parker Meridien)

      • Hmmm. I’m going to be in NYC in a couple of weeks. May have to seek one of those out. I thought the one at The Brooklyn Diner was pretty tasty, though it may be a little too large…if such a thing is possible.

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