An Ode to Chris Paul

So far watching this year’s NBA playoffs have confirmed one thing I’ve long suspected, Chris Paul is undisputedly my favorite NBA player.  I have not official endorsed an NBA player as my favorite since Ron Artest (pre Malice at the Palace).  While I never officially ordained Chris Paul as my favorite player (until now), he always found himself on my shortlist  (along with Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, and Manu Ginobili), but after watching his first round match-up against the favored Grizzlies, he dispelled any doubts I may have had.  Chris, congratulations,  you are my favorite NBA player.

The next twenty words were carefully chosen to create a verbal portrait of what makes Chris Paul so special on the basketball court.

Bold.  Clutch.  Competitive.  Confident.  Crafty.  Decisive.  Efficient.  Fierce.  Humble.  Leader.  Precise.  Pugnacious.  Quick.  Shrewd.  Skilled.  Sly.  Smart.  Talented.  Tenacious.  Tough.


Update: Love this story.


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