Point-Conterpoint: Kate Upton Edition: Dougie Vs. Cat Daddy

Kate Upton set the internet a buzz today, with her risque ‘Cat Daddy’ video (video below).  You probably know Kate Upton as this year’s SI Swimsuit cover model, but even before that, she posted her ‘Dougie’ video (video below), which garnered her a lot of attention (mine included).  In this post we will debate which video reigns supreme, taking the ‘Dougie’ side will be the classy, gentlemanly and mature me, while the 13 year-old me takes the ‘Cat Daddy’ side.

The Dougie


I have a three pronged thesis about why this is the greatest Kate Upton video to date.  And why Kate Upton is, possibly, the perfect woman.

1.  Physical Attractiveness

C’mon, that smile, those eyes, long blonde hair, her body.  Her fashion sense, short skirt, simple white top, blazer, it’s classy, but sexy.  She’s the type of girl I can take home to my Mother, while also receiving some serious dap from my Pops.  It may be superficial, but can you blame me?  The girl’s a perfect ten.  And her frustration at the 32 second mark, adorable.

2.  Attitude 

She’s at basketball game.  She’s doing the ‘Dougie,’  she’s obviously doesn’t take herself too seriously.  A supermodel, acting a fool, embarrassing her friends, I’m going to make a judgement call and say she’s definitely down to earth.  And you got to love her enthusiasm (I hate it when a chick plays it ‘too cool for school’).

3. The 46 second mark, 57 second mark and 1:05 mark

That stroke through the hair, oh my god, I just melted a little bit.  Second stroke through the hair, the rest of me just melted.  That smile at the very last second just reanimated me, and melted me again.

Cat Daddy




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