Brooklyn Nets

Following a bitter divorce from New Jersey, the Nets can officially call Brooklyn, home.  As a life long Knicks’ fan, the Nets provided an interesting crosstown river rivalry.

I started following basketball in the 90s, and to put it mildly the Nets’ were a joke (from 1994-2001 they only finished over .500 once).  While the Nets’ were stuck in futility, my Knicks’ rode high,  Patrick Ewing patrolled the paint,  Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley did the dirty work, and, my all time favorite, Jon Starks buzzed around the perimeter.  Although the Knicks never won the whole thing, they did win a lot.  Then the Nets’ acquired Jason Kidd and everything changed, a paradigm shift.  The Nets went to two straight NBA Finals, while the Knicks couldn’t even make the playoffs.  And then when they final did make the playoffs (after a two year hiatus) they were promptly swept by the those pesky New Jersey Nets (and then didn’t make the playoffs for another six years).  All of a sudden, instead of people talking about Latrell and Houston people were talking, Jefferson and Kenyon.  I became a full fledged hater,  a hater of a franchise I scoffed at only a few years prior.  Of course the Nets returned to their deadbeat ways, concurrently my Knicks have risen again (sort of).  Restoring order to my world (although, I still harbor some jealousy over Jay-Z’s partial ownership of the Nets).

With the Nets encroachment on New York territory, it does not perturb me like it once would have.  With a terrible team, Deon Williams most likely leaving and the diminishing possibility of signing Dwight Howard, the Nets do not threaten me at all.  Like the Mets to the Yankees or the Jets to the Giants, they will play the little brother in a city where big brother rules as king.  Of course, if the Nets somehow convinced Howard to come play in the BK, my feelings of insecurity would return quicker than Derrick Rose runs the break (pre injury).

I want to leave you with some nice words about the New Jersey new Brooklyn Nets, I absolutely love their new logo and if I didn’t hold such negative feelings toward the franchise, I probably would buy a Brooklyn Nets t-shirt.  Damn, I really do hate how much I like these new logos.


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