Andy Kaufman: Revisted

A few months ago I fell into a deep Andy Kaufman addiction. I digested every Andy Kaufman clip I could find on the internet.  I hate when people throw around the word ‘genius,’ but I truly believe Kaufman was a comedic genius.  Kaufman’s fearlessness and creativity separate him in a world of retreads and reprints.  Of course Kaufman’s been dead for twenty eight years (we think), but his act still holds up remarkably well.  Kaufman successfully laid the ground work to modern alternative comedy, with his commitment to characters, the ‘anti-joke’ and  his unbridled uniqueness.  On the most recent episode of Marc Maron’s wildly popular podcast, WTF, he interviewed Bob Zmuda (Kaufman’s writing partner) which inspired me re-watch some of my favorite Kaufman clips.

The Classic Andy Kaufman Clip

Tony Clifton Clip

The Total F*** the Audience Clip

My Favorite Clip


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