Ghosts of iPhones Past (Part II: Electric Boogaloo)

Couldn’t fit it all in one post, so here’s Part Duex.

Venture out west to L.A. for a few days. 

Head to D.C. to Restore Sanity and/or Fear with John Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert.

Notre Dame – Army game at Yankee Stadium.  First football game at the New Yankee Stadium. 

Eight seconds on Beginner Minesweeper.  Beat it.  I dare you.

Brett (one of my best friends from high school) wears a Mickey Mouse hat.

Met Ron Swanson.

Bisdale (pal of mine) rocked out.

Attempted to woo Rihanna into becoming my girlfriend.  Failed.

Big Apple BBQ 2011 (I told you, I love BBQ), this time I met BBQ legend and pitmaster Myron Mixon.

Went to Chicago.  Had to get a Chicago style hot dog.

And had to make the pilgrimage to Wrigley field. 

Watched Pineapple Express for the twentieth time and got this awesome screen shot of the greatest look ever delivered on screen (and the very fact that someone took the time to put this on YouTube proves I’m not alone in my assertion).

My Bolton Wanderers, led by American Stuart Holden, won the EPL (on FIFA 11).

Won a Zak DeOssie jersey from work.  Moral of the story, if you enter a pool at work and you think there’s no chance you’ll win and the grand prize is any NFL jersey you want.  You might win.  So as a gag don’t put down the worst player you can think of, or else you’ll have to deal with a bunch of drunk people at a sports bar consistently asking you, “Who’s DeOssie?” 

Had some pretty good moments over those two years, hopefully my six month old iPhone 4 could capture some nice moments over the next two years. This makes me want to find my even older Motorola, which spanned from freshmen year of college to the my 21st birthday.  Maybe I’ll go trolling for it another day.  I can’t even imagine/remember what’s on that phone.


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