Ghosts of iPhones Past (Part I)

While rummaging through my dresser drawers today I found my old iPhone, circa October 2009 – October 2011.  In two years, I took just under 130 photos (128 to be exact), not many considering the digital age we live in.  Since I rarely post pictures on Facebook, I haven’t seen many of these images since I put my iPhone 3 out to pasture.  So, here are some of my favorite images/memories via my iPhone3.

The Knicks came to Fordham (that’s Nate Robinson below, my favorite Knick from the dark ages, pre-Amare) and held an open practice.  One of the few Saturdays I woke up before noon. 

We dressed my pal and former roommate, Gucker, as Professor Chaos (from South Park) for Halloween.  He thought he would win the Best Costume at the bar.  He didn’t.

My brother and I go to game six of the 2009 World Series FOR FREE (we snuck in through one of the stadium’s side doors).

And the Yankees WON!!!!

And then there was the ticker tape parade.

Spring break came.  A few friends and I packed up the car, drove twenty-four hours to Miami (got a $700 speeding ticket) and hit the clubs (That’s Mansion below).

Graduated from Fordham University.

Road trip to Philly for some authentic Cheese steaks (from Jim’s).  

Big Apple BBQ 2010 in Madison Square Park.  I love BBQ.

Free Hanson and Drake concert (yes, you read that right, Hanson, like Mmmbop and Drake, together) at South Street Seaport.  Unfortunately, mini riot ensued.  Concert canceled.   

My boy Tom Ni kicks some ass.

Got to see The Dead Weather (one of Jack Whites many projects) in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.  

My sis comes up big, finds two tickets, below face value, day of Jay-Z/Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium.  Best Concert I’ve ever seen.



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