HBO’s “Girls”

**ALERT: HBO’s “Girls” may be the best show I’ve seen on TV since Freaks and Geeks**

HBO’s new series “Girls” tells the story of twenty-four year old Hannah, two years out of college, living in New York City.  In the first scene Hannah gets cut off from her parents as a “final push” into adulthood.  Without her parents supporting her she figures she “can live three and half more days in the city, maybe seven if she doesn’t eat lunch.”  When she tries to get a paid job at the place she’s been interning with for the past two year, considering Joy Lynn, a former intern, got a job , her boss reminds her, “Joy Lynn knows Photoshop” (a line that hits way too close to home for me).  Then after effectively getting fired from her internship, she sees her douchey “boyfriend,” if you can even call him a that.  Hannah then arrives back at her apartment to have dinner with her roommate, her roommate’s boyfriend and her English globe trotting friend, where she contemplates getting a job at McDoanlds (another line that hits way too close to home).  Hanna gets high, on opium tea,  goes to her parents hotel and tries one last plea to get put back on her parents teet, claiming she’s “the voice of her generation, or at least, a voice, of a generation.”  She fails and credits roll to Harper Simon’s “Wishes and Stars“, a perfect compliment to the mood of the pilot episode.

Lena Dunham wrote and created “Girls,” she also stars in the project as Hannah.  After one episode I am sold that this will be one of HBO’s all time best efforts.  What makes this show so good is it’s unflinching honesty.  Patton Oswalt says it best in a tweet, “GIRLS. Holy shit. Think @louisck is “painfully honest”? Wait ’til you take a squirm-rocket with the hilarious @lenadunham.”  That exemplifies the show almost perfectly, it is so smart and clever, while also achieving an awesome bluntness.  It does not glamorize the New York City like “Sex in the City” nor does take a carefree approach to figuring out life like “Friends.”

Maybe because I’m about to turn twenty four and still live off my parents, maybe because I know too many girls just like Hannah, or maybe because of how fantastically this show is put together, but I believe this series will be highly celebrated for years to come.


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