Kanye West’s Greatest Music Videos (20-11)

Let us commence with the Kanye’s Top 20 Music Videos...

20.  COLDEST WINTER directed by Nabil Elderkin

Highlight: The haunting visuals.

Final Grade: 26

19.  TWO WORDS directed by Coodie, Chike

Highlight: The gritty underground tone and juxtaposition between NYC and Chi-town.

Final Grade: 26.5

18.  WELCOME TO HEARTBREAK  directed by Nabil Elderkin

Highlight:  The video distortion and effects.

Final Grade: 27

17.  GOOD MORNING directed by Kanye West, Takashi Mirakami

Highlight:  The animation and narrative following Kanye’s famous dropout Bear.

Final Grade: 27.33

16.  GOLD DIGGER directed by Hype Williams

Highlight:  Umm..The chicks.

Final Grade: 27.66

15.  FLASHING LIGHTS (version 3) directed by  N/A

Highlight:  The fact it’s a prequel to the original Flashing Lights video (stay tuned to see where the original lands).

Final Grade: 29

14.  OTIS directed by Spike Jonze

Highlight: The Aziz Ansari cameo.  What, you missed it?  Watch again.  Missed it again?  He’s that random dude in the suit.  Now you got it.

Final Grade: 29.25

13.  GOOD LIFE directed by SoMe, Jonas and Francois

Highlight:  All the awesome graffiti style graphics.

Final Grade: 29.5

12.  CAN’T TELL ME NOTHING (version 2) directed by Michael Blieden

Highlight: Zach Galifiankis.

Final Grade: 29.75

11.  POWER directed by Marco Brambilla

Highlight: In Kanye’s words, “It’s not a video…It’s a moving painting.”

Final Grade: 30

Join me tomorrow, when I will unveil the Top 10 Kanye West Music Videos.  


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