Kanye West’s Greatest Music Videos (39-31)

Imma let you finish but Kanye West makes some of the greatest videos of all time. 


Over the next few days I will countdown Kanye West’s music videos as a lead artist, all 39 of them,  worst to best.

* I will not count shorts such as “We Were Once a Fairytale” and the extended “Runaway”. 


What makes a music video great?  In order to determine this, I watched the most famous and arguably the greatest music video ever, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” to see what made that video so memorable and iconic.  After watching I established four areas of critique:

  • Visuals and Aesthetics, Directing, make up, settings, effect and anything that makes the video look good fall under this umbrella.
  • Concept and Story, What’s going on in the video? Is their a story or structure that keeps everything moving forward?
  • Creativity and Vision, Basically is this something I’ve seen before.
  • Entertainment Value, Does the video keep my interest or does it bore?

Each category receives a grade from 1-10 and are tallied up, allowing a best possibly score of 40, the higher the score the higher the rank.  If a tie arises I will make the call between the videos using the most scientific method of all, my gut feeling.

*Fractional points are attributed to gut feeling tiebreakers

The Countdown:

39.  DRIVE SLOW directed by Hype Williams

Final Grade: 9

38.  THE NEW WORKOUT PLAN directed by Little X, Kanye West

Final Grade: 13

37.  CLASSIC (BETTER THAN I’VE EVER BEEN) directed by Thibaut de Longeville

Final Grade: 15

36.  CAN’T TELL ME NOTHING (VERSION 1) directed by Hype Williams

Final Grade: 17

35.  STREET LIGHTS directed by Javier Longobardo

Final Grade: 18

34.  HEARD ‘EM SAY (VERSION 2) directed by Bill Plympton, Kanye West

Final Grade: 19

33.   JESUS WALKS (VERSION 1) directed by Michael Haussman

Final Grade: 20

32.  CHAMPION directed by NEON
Final Grade: 21.00

31.  SPACESHIP directed by Kanye West

Final Grade: 21.33


2 thoughts on “Kanye West’s Greatest Music Videos (39-31)

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