Going Out On Long Island Live Feed: Huntington Edition

Nothing has been edited from this account other than the names of my friends.

10:30 Get the text we going out to htown

10:35 Throw on LRG sweater, black jeans, Hundreds sneakers and put some water in hair..ready

10:50 Picked up

11:00 In the car Jack talks about wanting to pick up a mom tonight

11:13 Arrive in Huntington

11:17 Meet some of the other guys…place is dead

11:18 Take a shot of Jameson… Order a whiskey and coke..the bartender is cute as hell

11:35 Still nothing… shifting to a blue moons

11:50 Mike makes lame pick up at bartender, “are you a natural blonde” I’m mortified

11:55  Tried to go to bar two (Honu) get rejected, it’s a +25 older bar

12:00 Bar three(Finleys) I just payed a 5 dollar cover to get into a LI bar …place has some more heads playing…get a newcastle

12:05 Making eyes with cute blonde ..friends pull me away from crowed bar to secluded bar in the back

12:13 Bar plays Whitney Houston journey and MJ, 80s night?

12:14 Bar plays Justin Timberlake sexy back. I’m a fan

12:22 Guy in the bathroom makes a comment “this bathroom smells like dirty ass fruity pebbles” and you know he’s exactly right

12:25 Mike and Ryan argue about quitting smoking cigarettes, Ryan blames Mike for pressuring him …Mike argues he smokes to alleviate stress from work (he works a entry level job that consists entirely of cold calling)

12:28 Jack and Tim  hit on two chicks one looks totally uninterested the other is pretty cute and seems sort of interested

12:32 Now Tim  is hitting on the same two solo  …he looks like he’s doing good

12:42 I’m I vibing to a Miley Cyrus song …not a great moment

12:45 Round of bud lights

12:51 Mike talking up two chicks, they look like hobbits , I’m not trying to be mean

1:05 Tim  hitting on friend’s sister’s friend ..hes got that look… he’s gonna make a move eventually the only question is when

1:07 People on Facebook at the bar how pathetic… Wait I’m live blogging …nevermind

1:20 On the dance floor blogging will be suspended for the time being

1:40 What happens on the dance door stays on the dance floor …but can I say I hate when guys stealthily try and grind up on a chick such a sleaze bag move

1:45 Tim went home home with friend’s sister’s friend…good for him,
hee just got over a break up

1:50 Bar playing Rihanna’s fell in love in a hopeless place to clips of Scott pilgrim, pretty awesome

1:53 It’s like seeing a ghost, Tim is back…now I have no idea what happened, friends sister’s friend  is gone

1:58 Just saw a kid wearing an eerily similar shirt as me, ruined me night

2:01 Tim just asked friend for blessing to go after friend’s sister’s friend

2:10 Friend’s sister’s friend is back and Tim wants to fight someone, I don’t know who though (ends of not fighting anyone)

2:14 Leaving H-town not getting pizza… ahhhh …I want pizza

2:30 Home, night over, weak night


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