Music Video Breakdown – Drake The Motto Edition

0:00 – Deceased Bay Area rapper Mac Dre’s mother introduces the video (Drake shouts out Mac Dre in the song).  If you don’t know who Mac Dre is, don’t feel bad I didn’t either, until my San Francisco sorry Bay Area friend explained the legendary status he has  achieved in the Bay.

0:30 – It starts. Three quick shots of our rappers, Drake, Wayne and Tyga, each saddled with a different expensive sports car because if music video have taught us anything, it is rappers love expensive sports cars.

0:35 – We get our first peek at Drake’s -eh- bold fashion sense.  North Face Leopard jacket, I don’t hate it, and Nike batting gloves, I do hate it and it’s not his first offense either.  My question is why batting gloves? Why not driving gloves? Is it cold? Why not ski gloves? Hell, even mittens would be better at this point.  Not even Derek Jeter just wears around batting gloves out.

0:36-1:28 – Drake mostly just drives around San Fran and sings.  I wonder if that’s what I look like when I sing in my car?

1:29-1:43 – More driving, and some clips of a club?  But we’ll get to that later.

1:44 – Enter Wayne.  Hundreds hat, check.  Crew neck sweatshirt, check.  Shades, check. I’m starting to like what I se-.  Hold on, are those neon green uggs or neon green space boots either way I’m assuming he bought them from a Lady Leprechaun Footlocker.

2:04 – I do like the Lil Wayne dance though.

2:38 – More Lil’ Wayne dancing, for the record I’m copping that.

1:44-2:34 – And what is with rappers posting up against their vehicle in front of a body of water hasn’t this been done and done and done again.  Hell, it happens three different times in this video alone.

2:48 – Here comes Tyga right on que.  Holding a bottle of champagne and rapping in a club. Is that a club?  It looks pretty shady to be a club.  Why are the walls covered in black plastic garbage bags?  Are these women about to get murdered?

3:21 – Why does Tyga have a suit case?  What’s in the suitcase? OH MY GOD !! One of the women from the club is the suit case.  Tyga killed an innocent woman, chopped her up and now she’s in the suit case.  This is getting dark.

3:30 – OH MY GOD!! Drake’s been in the back of the club the entire time, he’s the mastermind!  All of a sudden the batting gloves are starting to make sense, no finger prints.

3:40 – Wayne dances more.

3:48 – Drake drives away, and gets away scot-free. YOLO.


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