Verizon’s Bad Idea

The other day I caught Verizon’s new commercial.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

The concept is pretty basic, a few guys play pick up basketball while discussing various “bad ideas”, but the fact that these ideas are bad totally eludes them until one of our ‘heroes’ proclaims he is switching to AT&T, which leaves the rest of his compadres flabbergasted.  It’s a pretty simple and straight forward commercial.

Now here’s a sketch from SNL about twenty years ago.
(Sorry Hulu won’t let me embed it)

IT’S THE SAME F*CKING THING!  What’s the same? Everything.  The concept, the setting, the editing, the only difference is Verizon PCed their ad up, taking out the drug reference and the final racial joke, but c’mon REALLY?!? Now I know Verizon may be paying homage to the classic SNL sketch.  At least I hope it is or else this ad is totally incredulous.  And if you were paying homage to the original SNL sketch at least give it a wink (I’m sure Verizon has deep enough pocket to get David Spade or Kevin Nealon to make a quick appearance).  Basically cite your source and don’t try an pass it off as your own.  If Verizon went to my alum, Fordham University, they’d be charged with Plagiarism and given an ‘F’ for the semester.  C’mon Verizon pick your game up.


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