The Wire Season 3: Cutty vs Colvin


I just finished The Wire season three and as become custom I come here to discuss my favorite character of the season.  Coming into season three, Stringer Bell was the heavy favorite to take the crown.  Although Stringer did have his moments, my season three fav character comes down to two newly introduced characters, Cutty, a former soldier (in the street-sense of the word), just released from prison and Major Colvin(not technically a newly introduced character, he a super small part on an episode of season two), soon to be retired turned rogue police commander.

I’ll give you a brief oversight of each man.  Cutty gets released from jail and offered a spot to run with Barksdale’s crew, after begrudgingly taking it he finds out the game’s no longer in him.  He leaves the game, opens a boxing gym and tries to get some young-ins off the street.  Colvin is close to retirement, but after one of his cops gets shot he decides to buck with tradition and think outside of the box to lower crime in his district.  The solution he comes up with is to create  “free zones”,  zones where drug dealing is tolerated in dissolute areas not populated by civilians.  Colvin’s plan works remarkably well decreasing crime by 15%, but when the media finds out he “legalized drugs” it all blows up in his face.

Cutty takes the crown for Season Three Favorite Character.


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