CT vs. Lebron

After making the comparison weeks ago, CT cemented himself as the Lebron James of the RW/RR Challenge.  After CT beasted through the season, he found himself face to face in the finals with Johnny Bananas and Camila (and Emily and Ty but they never stood a chance).  CT, in CT fashion, blasted through the first six checkpoints establishing a lead with just a final sprint (albeit up a mountain) to the title.  Then he proved himself Lebron once again.  Like the 2011NBA Finals when Lebron shrunk in crunch time, CT began to cramp down the stretch.  CT on all fours let Johnny AND Camila catch him and pass him squandering another opportunity at the crown.  Diem attempted to play the part of Dwayne Wade in this allegory, she came up big on all the puzzles and tried to motivate her downtrodden partner down the stretch, but in the end it didn’t matter.  Another Challenge in the books and still no finals win for CT.

P.S. This may be the end of the CT run.  There was no more scary, unstable CT this season.  Like Mike Tyson, he was once feared but now he is housebroken, and much less entertaining.


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