Kony 2012

I finally got around to watching the fastest spreading viral video of all time, Kony 2012.  It shocked me when I found out that the biggest viral video was not a baby panda sneezing or a guy getting hit in the gonads but a thirty minute piece on a Ugandan war criminal.  There are lots of topics I thought the social media world care more about than African geo politics.  Never mind the fact that in this ADD society, anyone would sit and watch a thirty minute video on anything, especially this one.

I know the creator of this video has gotten into some trouble since his film took off for some lewd acts but I do not want to address that right now.  What I want to address is the amazing power of social media in today’s society.  The fact that ideas and information can be spread so quickly and efficiently through the power of the internet is simply amazing.  And furthermore the fact that this information is not limited to just entrainment news and gossip is even more encouraging.  Now I didn’t do any research on this guy Kony and I know nothing more than what was said in the short but the fact that it has the power to move and influence people to do what is right shows the humanity that sometimes seems lost in an apathetic generation.  I cannot help but think if the Occupy Wall Street movement had this same kind of clear and concise voice it may have taken off and had a real effect on American policy and politics.

When considering all things I truly hope this guy Kony is caught and brought to justice but this viral video’s ascension demonstrates the insane power that social media process.


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