The Wire Season 2


Just finished The Wire Season 2 and after my favorite character, Wallace, got got, it was open market for a new fav.  Coming into season two Stringer Bell had to be the favorite to take Wallace’s spot with Detective Freamon and Omar Little also in the mix, but a dark horse emerged claiming the tittle of season two fav.  That man was D’Angelo Barksdale.  He started endearing himself to me at the end of season one with his “Where’s Wallace?” rant and kept that momentum going into season two.  After spending some time in the clink, doing some drugs and reading The Great Gatsby, D’Angelo surfaced as the heir apparent to Wallace. Then almost immediately after he claimed my top spot, Stringer puts a hit on him.  Some guy chokes him out with a belt in the back of the library and makes it look like a suicide.  Looks like anyone who I pronounce my favorite is immediately in peril.  I’ll leave you with my favorite D’Angelo moment of season two.

Early Odds on Season 3 Favorite

Stringer Bell 7-5

Omar Little 2-1

Field (already established characters) 9-1

Detective Freamon 11-1

Lieutenant Daniels 15-1

Field (new characters)18-1

Jimmy McNulty 25-1

Rhonda Pearlman 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-1


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