It’s All Good…For Now

I rescind all the bad things I said about the Knicks and Carmelo.  Two games into the post D’antoni era and the Knicks are undefeated, posting an average win margin of plus 27.  As a sports fan I reserve the right to be as volatile and fickle as Jarred Jeffries jump shot.  Today the weather feels great here in Knicksland as Mike Woodson seemingly parted the grey and dour skies revealing sunshine and rainbows.  The Knicks climbed back into playoff position and to quote Clyde Frazier, “Carmelo is dishing and swishing.”

Earlier this season Lakers’ head Coach Mike Brown took some heat when he stated, “Right now Kobe Bryant allows me to coach him.”  It seemed like an odd thing for a head coach to say considering the coach is suppose have authority over his players not vice versa.  But Brown couldn’t be more correct.  In this NBA landscape, the coach cedes to the star player not the other way around, and D’antoni’s inability to grasp that concept cost him his job.  In the last two games Melo posted a plus/minus of plus 15 and plus 16.  He did not post a plus rating in the six previous losses with D’antoni calling the shots.  I admit the sample size is small but it illustrates a division he had with D’antoni’s offensive philosophy.

It’s all good now, but things were also all good a month ago, so as a sports fan I reserve the right to hate what I’m loving now.


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