Five Most Memorable CT RW/RR Challenge Moments

I have had an on and off again relationship with the Real World/Road Rules Challenge for the last ten years or so.  CT, the archetype villain or the perfect anti-hero depending on what side of the fence you are on, is undoubtedly the baddest man on the block.  Every competitor, on every season, whether they like to admit it or not, fears lining up across from CT.  An apt comparison for CT would be Lebron James, he dominates the game, physically imposes his opponents and has proven he can take a team to the finals but also like Lebron he has never won it all.  This post compiles the five most memorable CT RW/RR Challenge moments.


I distinctly remember this.  In CT’s first season he established himself as a tour de force.  Let’s point out what makes this moment great.  First, the humble brag “I won the life saver three times,” translation “I run shit,” then David’s reaction “THAT’S A MAN! THAT’S A MAN! Bye Shane,” translation “THANK YOU CT! THANK YOU CT! He runs shit,” and finally Shane’s quote “I hate to admit it but CT intimidates me,” translation “I hate to admit it, but CT  runs shit”.  Next, CT’s sunglasses, if this aired in 2011 those sunglasses would have its own twitter account.  Lastly the absurdity of this challenge, eat cookies and milk and don’t throw up, really!?! You have a team of writers, producers, show runners and you come up with, what if we have them eat cookies and milk, spin them around and see who throws up first?  And you know what? It is awesome plus CT handles it like a boss.


CT bullying at his best.  In this video he finds his favorite whipping boy, Adam, and lets him have it.  Let’s break down this clip.  One, could we find more fitting outfits for these two, CT with a T-shirt that simply reads “RIOT” and Adam wearing an adult onesie, c’mon, that illustrates their personalities better than I ever could.  Two, at about the twenty second mark we have the classic “lunge at the guy and make him flinch” move, which falls on its face as Adam barely reacts. With Adam’s new found confidence he actually steps to CT rather than just walking away, showing some spine, and what does that get him?  CT’s fist square in his face.   It than takes four dudes struggling to restrain a bloody CT to get Adam to safety, and oh by the way, can someone explain CT’s Batman voice?


In Rivals, CT teams up with the aforementioned Adam to take on Johnny and Tyler.  With Adam obviously dragging the team down, CT has to find a way to make up some time, so Adam can catch up.  His solution, “saddle up, lock, load, explode, CHOO-CHOO!”  Can we just take a moment to appreciate the smack down CT lays here, the precision, the power; he railroads two guys with one shot and keeps moving forward like he is taking a jog in Central Park.  CT and Adam eventually lose this one because of Adam’s ineptitude but surprisingly CT puts his arm around him and tells him it’s okay.


Hey look at that, CT has a heart.  While most of CT’s camera time involves  him destroying another human being, the duel offered us another side of CT.  Caught on tape, CT and Diem share their first kiss, how precious, but I want to see CT embarrass some more people. Next.


This clip is undeniably great, but what makes it so great?  Is it Johnny flailing around like a turtle lying on its shell? Is it CT treating Bananas like his personal janspot? Or is it, that demonic Frankenstein walk to the can?  Answer.  All of the above, CT utterly humiliates Johnny Bananas and I love seeing Johnny Bananas put in his place.

Hopefully Battle of the Exes can deliver some more memorable CT moments.


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